Coffee Cartel App

Coffee Cartel Web App using Knockout.js as front end MVVM and Rails on backened.

Built using JavaScript, HTML5, Forms, CSS3, WebSockets


More About This Demo From The Author

There are a lot of people that are interested in trying different flavors of coffees. So i created a simple web application "Coffee Cartel App" for these coffee enthusiasts. This web app stores a list of coffee beans with the following minimum information: coffee bean name, description, location (country name of where it is from). Users (no login or authentication required) can mark a bean as a bean they have tried and also comment on beans. Users have given following options: create, update and delete beans (no permissions, beans can be managed by anyone), comment on beans, and mark bean as tried. Also, provide an option for the user to search coffee beans.
The app is made using knockout.js as the front end MVVM and in backend Rails is used to implement this.

Heroku link to the app is :