Cat and Mouse!

Simple Experimental Cat & Mouse Game with HTML5 Canvas

Built using JavaScript, HTML5, Canvas, CSS3, Audio


More About This Demo From The Author

This is my FIRST experimental game with HTML5 Canvas. It's very rough, and a little buggy but I had no experience with Javascript or Canvas when I started making this. I cover a complete tutorial on my website which I will leave the link for below.

I ran into a ton of obstacles and I was at the point where I was wanting to pull my hair out. BUT, I did pull through and get it figured out after a series of trials and errors.

And thanks to other people who have also shared their games, I had a lot of great online resources to help me figure out to construct this game.

There are a few extra things in the files that don't apply to the game, such as in the CSS, that are pieces of my website where I extracted the game. Just ignore those for now. I will re-upload a cleaned up version once I go through and completely isolate the game code.

Hope you enjoy it!