Balloons in a forest

SVG and jQuery Infinity animation ("real", without loop) tech demo

Built using SVG, JavaScript, HTML5, Audio, Fonts & Type


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One, hopefully entertaining demo for newer browsers (IE9+ too).
Showcasing how to call a function on every jQuery animation tick without missing a tick.
Animated SVG-s.
Wind simulation (with a crude non-random function).
Now with sound! (Hopefully will not change the meaning of the demo.)
HTML5 audio with the gui (you can see all the gui difficulties you may face with this in a cross browser environment)
(If you see any bugs, you may report it through the homepage.)
Ogg file size = (0.4~0.5) mp3 file size: keep in mind, when using Mozilla. (60MB allowed for demos)
All rights reserved for the music, images and SVG art. See LICENSES.txt in the zip file.

About this Demo

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This demo is released under the GPL license.