The entryType 返回一个代表 performance metric 类型的DOMString , 例如被 performance.mark("begin") 所创建的 entry 的 entryType 就是 "mark". 此属性只读。


var type = entry.entryType;


返回值取决于 PerformanceEntry 对象的 subtype,entryType 的取值会影响 属性,具体如下表所示。

Value Subtype Type of name property Description of name property
frame, navigation PerformanceFrameTiming, PerformanceNavigationTiming URL The document's address.
resource PerformanceResourceTiming URL The resolved URL of the requested resource. This value doesn't change even if the request is redirected.
mark PerformanceMark (en-US) DOMString The name used when the mark was created by calling performance.mark().
measure PerformanceMeasure (en-US) DOMString name used when the measure was created by calling performance.measure().
paint PerformancePaintTiming DOMString Either 'first-paint' or 'first-contentful-paint'.


下面的代码说明了 entryType 属性的用法。

function run_PerformanceEntry() {

  // check for feature support before continuing
  if (performance.mark === undefined) {
    console.log("performance.mark not supported");

  // Create a performance entry named "begin" via the mark() method

  // Check the entryType of all the "begin" entries
  var entriesNamedBegin = performance.getEntriesByName("begin");
  //    Array [ PerformanceMark ]
  //    PerformanceMark { name: "begin", entryType: "mark", startTime: 94661370.14, duration: 0 }
  //    "mark"
  //    "begin"

  for (var i=0; i < entriesNamedBegin.length; i++) {
      var typeOfEntry = entriesNamedBegin[i].entryType;
      console.log("Entry is type: " + typeOfEntry);



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