O objeto ArrayBuffer é um tipo de dado usado para representar um genérico, buffer de dados binários de tamanho fixo. Você não pode manipular diretamente os conteúdos de um ArrayBuffer;  em vez disso, você cria um objeto ArrayBufferView que representa o buffer em um formato específico, e usa para ler e escrever os conteúdos do buffer.


new ArrayBuffer(length)


The size, in bytes, of the array buffer to create.

Return value

A new ArrayBuffer object of the specified size. Its contents are initialized to 0.


A RangeError is thrown if the length is larger than Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER (>= 2 ** 53) or negative.


The ArrayBuffer constructor creates a new ArrayBuffer of the given length in bytes.

Getting an array buffer from existing data


The ArrayBuffer constructor's length property whose value is 1.
get ArrayBuffer[@@species] (en-US)
The constructor function that is used to create derived objects.
ArrayBuffer.prototype (en-US)
Allows the addition of properties to all ArrayBuffer objects.


ArrayBuffer.isView(arg) (en-US)
Returns true if arg is one of the ArrayBuffer views, such as typed array objects or a DataView. Returns false otherwise.
ArrayBuffer.transfer(oldBuffer [, newByteLength])

Returns a new ArrayBuffer whose contents are taken from the oldBuffer's data and then is either truncated or zero-extended by newByteLength.


All ArrayBuffer instances inherit from ArrayBuffer.prototype (en-US).





ArrayBuffer.slice() (en-US)
Has the same functionality as ArrayBuffer.prototype.slice() (en-US).


In this example, we create a 8-byte buffer with a Int32Array (en-US) view referring to the buffer:

var buffer = new ArrayBuffer(8);
var view   = new Int32Array(buffer);


Especificação Status Comentário
Typed Array Specification Obsoleto Substituído pelo ECMAScript 6
ECMAScript 2015 (6th Edition, ECMA-262)
The definition of 'ArrayBuffer' in that specification.
Padrão Definição inicial no ECMA standard. Specified that new is required.
ECMAScript (ECMA-262)
The definition of 'ArrayBuffer' in that specification.
Padrão em tempo real  

Compatibilidade com navegadores

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Compatibility notes

Starting with ECMAScript 2015, ArrayBuffer constructors require to be constructed with a new operator. Calling an ArrayBuffer constructor as a function without new, will throw a TypeError from now on.

var dv = ArrayBuffer(10);
// TypedError: calling a builtin ArrayBuffer constructor
// without new is forbidden
var dv = new ArrayBuffer(10);

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