The CustomEvent() constructor creates a new CustomEvent.

构造方法 CustomerEvent() 创建一个新的 CustomEvent 对象。

Syntax 语法

 event = new CustomEvent(typeArg, customEventInit);

Values 参数


一个表示 event 名字的字符串


Is a CustomEventInit dictionary, having the following fields: 一个字典类型参数,有如下字段

  • "detail", optional and defaulting to null, of type any, that is a event-dependant value associated with the event. 可选的默认值是 null 的任意类型数据,是一个与 event 相关的值
  • bubbles 一个布尔值,表示该事件能否冒泡。来自 EventInit。注意:测试 chrome 默认为不冒泡。
  • cancelable 一个布尔值,表示该事件是否可以取消。来自 EventInit

The CustomEventInit dictionary also accepts fields from the EventInit dictionary.

CustomerEventInit 字典参数同样接受来自于 Event 类构造函数的 eventInit 字典参数,如下

bubbles 一个布尔值,表示该事件能否冒泡

cancelable 一个布尔值,表示该事件是否可以取消


// add an appropriate event listener
obj.addEventListener("cat", function(e) { process(e.detail) });

// create and dispatch the event
var event = new CustomEvent("cat", {
  detail: {
    hazcheeseburger: true


DOM Standard
# ref-for-dom-customevent-customevent

Browser compatibility

BCD tables only load in the browser


You can polyfill the CustomEvent() constructor functionality in Internet Explorer 9 and higher with the following code:

        // a : While a window.CustomEvent object exists, it cannot be called as a constructor.
        // b : There is no window.CustomEvent object
        new window.CustomEvent('T');
        var CustomEvent = function(event, params){
            params = params || { bubbles: false, cancelable: false, detail: undefined };

            var evt = document.createEvent('CustomEvent');

            evt.initCustomEvent(event, params.bubbles, params.cancelable, params.detail);

            return evt;

        CustomEvent.prototype = window.Event.prototype;

        window.CustomEvent = CustomEvent;

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