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    MDN(此为Mozilla Developer Network的缩写)不仅仅是一个 wiki:这是一个为使用开放Web技术的开发者而打造的社区。在这里,开发者们为了使MDN更加出色而共同努力。虽然“工作”在MDN网站发生,但是“社区”性质也体现在(异步的)讨论和(同步的)网络聊天中。


    1. 创建一个MDN账户;
    2. 订阅dev-mdc邮件列表;
    3. 进入IRC。

    创建 MDN 帐户

    下面讲一下注册 MDN 帐号的详细步骤:

    1. 点击位于页面右上角的“使用 Persona 登录”按钮,会打开一个 Persona 的登录窗口。
    2. 输入你的电子邮箱地址,并点击“下一步”。
    3. 接下来的操作步骤取决于你是否注册过 Persona。
      • 如果有,则Persona 窗口将要求你填写对应的账号密码,输好后点击“完成”即可。
      • 如果没有, 则 Persona 窗口将要求你设置一个密码。
        1. 输入两次密码,点击“完成”。
        2. 登录你的邮箱,看看有没有一封来自 的邮件,如果没有找到,看看垃圾箱,也许它被当成垃圾邮件给过滤了。
        3. 点击邮件中的确认链接,您的 Persona 帐号就激活成功了。
        4. 切换回您想要编辑的 MDN 页面,用刚才注册的邮箱和密码开始登录。 
    4. 当成功登录了 Persona,就会打开一个 MDN 的注册页面。
    5. 输入与你想要使用的用户名,点击“创建新账户”就完成了。




    为了分享信息和进行讨论,Mozilla 有下列这些常用的邮件列表

    这个邮件列表用于持续讨论关于MDN的文档。 在这里,我们讨论关于文档进程的改变、改善既有的文档、整理分配成员的工作内容。 如果你真的想深入MDN文档,非常建议你加入到这个邮件列表。 (为什么名叫“div-mdc”?在过去,这个网站名叫"Mozilla Developer Center"或MDC,这个邮件列表的历史可以追溯到那个年代,所以它叫“dev-mdc”)
    This list is where we hold discussions about the development work on MDN's underlying Kuma platform. If you're curious about the development work going on behind the scenes, want to be involved in the process of making decsisions about the platform, or are working on patches to improve the platform, you should definitely get involved on this list.
    This mailing list is high-level planning and prioritization discussions, for the MDN website and other related initiatives.

    There are also a few lists specific to MDN localization communities. If your community is very large and active, you can probably get a list created for your community; just ask us and we'll look into it. Currently, these languages have lists: Spanish, Japanese, and Portuguese.

    进入 IRC

    互联网中继聊天 (IRC) 是在社区成员之间,我们首选的日常聊天和实时讨论方式。我们使用下面这些与 MDN 讨论相关的频道。

    This channel is our primary channel for discussing the documentation content itself. We talk about writing, organization of content, and so on. We also have "water cooler" conversations here—it's a way our community can keep in touch and just hang out.
    MDN is more than just documentation, and for that reason, we have a channel for talking about the broader MDN project. That's #mdn.
    This channel is where our development team—the people that write the code that makes MDN work—hangs out and discusses their day-to-day work. You're welcome to join in and either participate in the development or simply ask questions about issues you see with the software.

    These channels are most likely to be active during weekdays in North America.

    Learn more about IRC if you're not familiar with it. ChatZilla is an IRC client implemented as a Firefox add-on, which makes it quick and easy to install and start using it.


    Every other week, the MDN community holds an IRC-based meeting to exchange notes, talk about what we've been doing, and sort out what we'd like to do for the next two weeks. We also talk about development plans for the MDN platform itself, and often get updates about new and upcoming features of the site. These are casual, fun meetings, and everyone's welcome to participate.

    See the MDN Community Meetings page on the Mozilla wiki for details on the schedule as well as agendas and notes for past and upcoming meetings.



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