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O método Promise.allSettled() retorna uma promessa que é resolvida após todas as promessas dadas serem resolvidas ou rejeitadas, com um array de objetos que descrevem o resultado de cada promessa.




An iterable object, such as an Array, in which each member is a Promise.

Return value

A pending Promise that will be asynchronously fulfilled once every promise in the specified collection of promises has completed, either by successfully being fulfilled or by being rejected. At that time, the returned promise's handler is passed as input an array containing the outcome of each promise in the original set of promises.

For each outcome object, a status string is present. If the status is fulfilled, then a value is present. If the status is rejected, then a reason is present. The value (or reason) reflects what value each promise was fulfilled (or rejected) with.


Specification Status Comment
Promise.allSettled() (TC39 Stage 4 Draft) Padrão em tempo real

Browser compatibility

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