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El método estatico String.fromCodePoint() devuelve una cadena creada por una secuencia de puntos de codigo.


String.fromCodePoint(num1[, ...[, numN]])


num1, ..., numN
Una secuencia de puntos de código.


A RangeError is thrown if an invalid Unicode code point is given (e.g. "RangeError: NaN is not a valid code point").


Because fromCodePoint() is a static method of String, you always use it as String.fromCodePoint(), rather than as a method of a String object you created.


Ejemplos: Usando fromCodePoint()

String.fromCodePoint(42);       // "*"
String.fromCodePoint(65, 90);   // "AZ"
String.fromCodePoint(0x404);    // "\u0404"
String.fromCodePoint(0x2F804);  // "\uD87E\uDC04"
String.fromCodePoint(194564);   // "\uD87E\uDC04"
String.fromCodePoint(0x1D306, 0x61, 0x1D307) // "\uD834\uDF06a\uD834\uDF07"

String.fromCodePoint('_');      // RangeError
String.fromCodePoint(Infinity); // RangeError
String.fromCodePoint(-1);       // RangeError
String.fromCodePoint(3.14);     // RangeError
String.fromCodePoint(3e-2);     // RangeError
String.fromCodePoint(NaN);      // RangeError
// String.fromCharCode() alone cannot get the character at such a high code point
// The following, on the other hand, can return a 4-byte character as well as the
// usual 2-byte ones (i.e., it can return a single character which actually has
// a string length of 2 instead of 1!)
console.log(String.fromCodePoint(0x2F804)); // or 194564 in decimal


The String.fromCodePoint method has been added to the ECMAScript standard in version 6 and may not be supported in all web browsers or environments yet. Use the code below for a polyfill:

/*! http://mths.be/fromcodepoint v0.1.0 by @mathias */
if (!String.fromCodePoint) {
  (function() {
    var defineProperty = (function() {
      // IE 8 only supports `Object.defineProperty` on DOM elements
      try {
        var object = {};
        var $defineProperty = Object.defineProperty;
        var result = $defineProperty(object, object, object) && $defineProperty;
      } catch(error) {}
      return result;
    var stringFromCharCode = String.fromCharCode;
    var floor = Math.floor;
    var fromCodePoint = function() {
      var MAX_SIZE = 0x4000;
      var codeUnits = [];
      var highSurrogate;
      var lowSurrogate;
      var index = -1;
      var length = arguments.length;
      if (!length) {
        return '';
      var result = '';
      while (++index < length) {
        var codePoint = Number(arguments[index]);
        if (
          !isFinite(codePoint) ||       // `NaN`, `+Infinity`, or `-Infinity`
          codePoint < 0 ||              // not a valid Unicode code point
          codePoint > 0x10FFFF ||       // not a valid Unicode code point
          floor(codePoint) != codePoint // not an integer
        ) {
          throw RangeError('Invalid code point: ' + codePoint);
        if (codePoint <= 0xFFFF) { // BMP code point
        } else { // Astral code point; split in surrogate halves
          // http://mathiasbynens.be/notes/javascript-encoding#surrogate-formulae
          codePoint -= 0x10000;
          highSurrogate = (codePoint >> 10) + 0xD800;
          lowSurrogate = (codePoint % 0x400) + 0xDC00;
          codeUnits.push(highSurrogate, lowSurrogate);
        if (index + 1 == length || codeUnits.length > MAX_SIZE) {
          result += stringFromCharCode.apply(null, codeUnits);
          codeUnits.length = 0;
      return result;
    if (defineProperty) {
      defineProperty(String, 'fromCodePoint', {
        'value': fromCodePoint,
        'configurable': true,
        'writable': true
    } else {
      String.fromCodePoint = fromCodePoint;


Specification Status Comment
ECMAScript 2015 (6th Edition, ECMA-262)
La definición de 'String.fromCodePoint' en esta especificación.
Standard Initial definition.

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