Web 開發者指引

這些文章提供了如何幫助你使用特定技術和 APIs 的資訊。

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DOM developer guide
The Document Object Model is an API for HTML and XML documents. It provides a structural representation of the document, enabling the developer to modify its content and visual presentation. Essentially, it connects web pages to scripts or programming languages.
Event developer guide
Events refers both to a design pattern used for the asynchronous handling of various incidents which occur in the lifetime of a web page and to the naming, characterization, and use of a large number of incidents of different types.
Guide to Web APIs
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HTML 開發者指引
超文件標示語言 (HTML) 是幾乎所有網頁的核心。大部分您在瀏覽器中所看到的東西,基本上都是用 HTML 來描述。
Optimization and performance
When building modern Web apps and sites, it's important to make your content perform well. That is, to make it work quickly and efficiently. This lets it work effectively both for users of powerful desktop systems as well as for handheld devices with less power.
Writing forward-compatible websites
網路開放字型格式 (WOFF)
WOFF網頁開放字型格式)是由 Mozilla、Type Supply、LettError 和其它組織協力開發的全新網路字型格式。它
JavaScript 是用來創造網頁應用程式的腳本化語言.