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可扩展类型语言转换(XSLT)是一种在专门处理软件中,用来为XML文档进行转换的类XML的语言。虽然这个处理涉及到“转换”,但不改变原始文档;而且,一个新的XML文档在源文档内容的基础上被创建出来。然后, 这个新文档可能被处理器串行化(输出)为标准的XML语法或者其他格式,如HTML或平台文件。XSLT最常用于不同XML格式文档间的转换,或者XML数据到网页,或者XML数据到PDF文档的转换。 [one]


XSLT Element Reference
Transforming XML with XSLT
XSLT allows a stylesheet author to transform a primary XML document in two significant ways: manipulating and sorting the content, including a wholesale reordering of it if so desired, and transforming the content into a different format.
Using the Mozilla JavaScript interface to XSL Transformations
This document describes the JavaScript interface to the XSLT processing engine in Mozilla 1.2 and up.
Specifying parameters using processing instructions
Firefox allows stylesheet parameters to be specified when using the <?xml-stylesheet?> processing instruction. This is done using the <?xslt-param?> PI described in this document.
XSLT & XPath Tutorial
The TopXML XSLT tutorial introduces you to the basics of XSLT concepts, syntax, and programming.
XSLT Tutorial
This W3Schools tutorial teaches the reader how to use XSLT to transform XML documents into other formats, like XHTML.
What is XSLT?
This extensive introduction to XSLT and XPath assumes no prior knowledge of the technologies, and guides the reader through background, context, structure, concepts and introductory terminology.
XSLT 2.0 (new)

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This description of XSLT is obtained from the Wikipedia XSLT article.


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