Web 开发者指南


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    CSS 开发者指南
    层叠样式表(CSS)是一种样式表语言,它可以用来描述那些使用诸如 HTML、SVG 等标记语言编写的文档的样式。CSS 描述了这些具有层次结构的文档中的每个元素是如何呈现在屏幕,纸张,朗读器等其它输出设备上的。根据不同的输出设备可以让同一个文档展现不同的样式,这也是 CSS 这门语言的重要特征。
    DOM 开发者指南
    The Document Object Model is an API for HTML and XML documents. It provides a structural representation of the document, enabling the developer to modify its content and visual presentation. Essentially, it connects web pages to scripts or programming languages.
    Event developer guide
    Events refers both to a design pattern used for the asynchronous handling of various incidents which occur in the lifetime of a web page and to the naming, characterization, and use of a large number of incidents of different types.
    Guide to Web APIs
    Here you'll find links to each of the guides introducing and explaining each of the APIs that make up the Web development architecture.
    HTML developer guide
    超文本标记语言 (HTML)是所有Web内容的核心语言. 正如你在浏览器上看到的大多数内容都是用HTML描述的.更准确地说,HTML语言描述了Web文档内容的结构和语义。
    WEB 图形开发
    When building modern Web apps and sites, it's important to make your content perform well. That is, to make it work quickly and efficiently. This lets it work effectively both for users of powerful desktop systems as well as for handheld devices with less power.
    本文主要是给出了网站开发所需的主要技术,这同样适用于手机设备。如果你正在寻找Mozilla 火狐系统相关的项目,请参考Firefox OS 。或者你可能会对Firefox for Android感兴趣。
    Making the user experience of your Web site or app a pleasant one for your users is important if you want users to come back and use it again and again. Here you'll find articles that may help you along.
    JavaScript 是一种用于创建Web应用的无比强大的脚本语言.



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