Product Advisory Board Members


Daniel Appelquist
Director of Developer Advocacy at Samsung Internet, Co-Chair of W3C's Technical Architecture Group

Daniel Appelquist leads the Web Developer Advocacy team at Samsung Internet <>, Samsung's mobile and VR web browser. He has also been co-chair the W3C's Technical Architecture Group since 2013. He has been working on the web for over 2 decades, first helping to create start-ups in the web publishing sphere and then (after moving to London from New York in '99) working on the convergence between web and mobile through many projects and initiatives. He has also led open standards strategy for the UK Government and remains a member of the UK Government Open Standards Board. In between all this he's been an active community builder and event organizer.

Dominique Hazael-Massieux
W3C Web Technology Expert including Telecommunications Vertical champion, Web Real-Time Communications Working Group, Device and Sensors Working Group.

Dominique Hazael-Massieux is part of the W3C staff, where he leads W3C efforts in developer relationship. Dom has been working for W3C since 2000, and in addition to devrel, is currently involved in the standardization of WebRTC, device APIs and WebVR.

Meggin Kearney
Lead Technical Writer, Web Developer Relations at Google.

Meggin leads the team that writes docs that help web developers succeed, including Web API documentation in MDN. A proud Chromium committer, she also co-built the Chrome extensions doc server. Meggin earned her undergraduate degree at the University of California, Berkeley. She lives in San Francisco, and is always looking for ways to support diversity and inclusion in the web developer community.

Patrick Kettner

Patrick is a Program Manager at Microsoft, focusing on interoperability and new web technologies. A web developer by trade, he has committed in all major browsers and works every day to make web developers lives easier and more fun. Outside of work, he contributes to a number of open source projects, including maintaining Modernizr. He lives in Seattle with his wonderful partner Katrina, son Holden, and dog Baxter.

Chris Mills
Content Lead, MDN Web Docs at Mozilla

Chris works at Mozilla as content lead for MDN, helping to pull together a strategy for what needs documenting in the short and long term. He also contributes a large number of beginner’s tutorials and reference articles covering DOM APIs, HTML and CSS features, web games, WebAssembly, and more.

Erika Doyle Navara
Senior Dev Writer for Windows web documentation at Microsoft

 Erika Doyle Navara has been tinkering around the Microsoft browser engine room since 2006 when she started working on IE7. As a test engineer and technical writer, she helped organize Microsoft's contributions and browser data for the CSS 2.1, CSS3, SVG and HTML5 test suites at the W3C. She’s excited to continue championing cross-browser interoperability at MDN web docs.

Robert Nyman
Global Lead for Programs & Initiatives, Web Developer Relations, at Google.

Robert Nyman is the Global Lead for Developer Feedback & Communities, Web Platform at Google. In his role, he works to make the web the best platform for developers. Prior to Google, Robert was a technical evangelist at Mozilla, focused on the Open Web and the company’s various products and initiatives. He lives in Stockholm, and has a passion for traveling and meeting people. He claims the title of “Most Well-Traveled Speaker” on Lanyrd, having presented in 42 countries.

Ali Spivak


Ali是Mozilla开发商生态系统的负责人,之前在Mozilla负责开发者营销。 她管理MDN超过5年,致力于一个可互操作、跨平台互联网。 在Mozilla之前,她曾经在思科,Edmunds.com和许多创业公司管理Web产品。

Kadir Topal

Mozilla的MDN Web文档产品经理。