Notification 的只读属性 permission 用来表明用户是否允许当前域显示 Web Notification。

备注: 此特性在 Web Worker 中可用


var permission = Notification.permission;


permission 的类型为 DOMString . 该属性的可能值为:

  • granted: 用户已经明确的授予了显示通知的权限。.
  • denied: 用户已经明确的拒绝了显示通知的权限。
  • default: 用户还未被询问是否授权; 这种情况下权限将视为 denied.


下面的代码片段详细的说明了,当你首次检查浏览器是否支持 Notification,然后检查当前域是否被授予了发送 Notification 的权限,并且在发送一个通知前进行请求的用法.

function notifyMe() {
  // Let's check if the browser supports notifications
  if (!("Notification" in window)) {
    console.log("This browser does not support desktop notification");

  // Let's check whether notification permissions have alredy been granted
  else if (Notification.permission === "granted") {
    // If it's okay let's create a notification
    var notification = new Notification("Hi there!");

  // Otherwise, we need to ask the user for permission
  else if (Notification.permission !== 'denied' || Notification.permission === "default") {
    Notification.requestPermission(function (permission) {
      // If the user accepts, let's create a notification
      if (permission === "granted") {
        var notification = new Notification("Hi there!");

  // At last, if the user has denied notifications, and you
  // want to be respectful there is no need to bother them any more.


Notifications API Standard
# dom-notification-permission

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