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These guides provide details on how MDN documentation should be written and formatted, as well as how our code samples and other content should be presented. By following these guides, you can ensure that the material you produce is clean and easy to use.

Content blocks
Allows to have a couple of cards next to each other to call out specific contents or can be used for a call to action. CSS class: .card-grid (L 751 - 824 in CustomCSS).
Custom macros for MDN
This page lists many of the general-purpose templates created for use on MDN. The complete list of all templates on MDN is available, but since there are so many, we don't list all of them here. For how-to information on using these macros, see "Using link macros" and "Using macros" in the MDN editor guide.
MDN page layout guide
These guides supplement the MDN style guide with specific layouts for the various types of pages on MDN. This helps contributors create new content that's structurally consistent with the rest of MDN.
MDN style guide
In an effort to display documentation in an organized, standardized and easy-to-read manner, the Mozilla Developer Network style guide describes how text should be organized, spelled, formatted, and so on. These are guidelines rather than strict rules.
Specification tables
Every reference page on MDN should provide information about the specification or specifications in which that API or technology was defined. This article demonstrates what these tables look like and explains how to construct them.
Using macros on MDN
The Kuma platform on which MDN runs provides a powerful macro system, KumaScript, which makes it possible to do a wide variety of things automatically. This article provides information on how to invoke MDN's macros within articles.
Using quicklinks
MDN supports adding quicklinks to pages; these are boxes containing a potentially hierarchical list of links to other pages on MDN or to pages off-site. This article describes how to create quicklinks boxes.

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