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歡迎!當你在看這個頁面時,就已經邁向成為 MDN 貢獻者的第一步!

這份指南涵蓋貢獻 MDN 的各個面向,包括風格指引、使用編輯器和工具的引導……等等。在編輯或建立任何頁面前,請先閱讀並確認同意 Mozilla 網站與通訊使用條款

如果之前你並沒有貢獻過 MDN 的話,開始入門指南能幫你決定要投入的任務。

Guide to the MDN editor UI
MDN線上文件百科的WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) 所見即所得編輯器讓人可以輕鬆地對新內容做出貢獻。
How-to guides
這些文章將會帶領你一步步完成貢獻 MDN 專案所需完成的目標
Localizing MDN
MDN is used by people all over the world as a reference and guide to Web technologies, as well as to the internals of Firefox itself. Our localization communities are a key part of the Mozilla project; their work in translating and localizing our documentation helps people around the world develop for the open Web. If you'd like to learn more about our localization teams, join one of the teams, or even start a new localization, this is the place to begin.
MDN and Persona sign-ins
Currently, MDN lets contributors sign in using two different authentication providers: Mozilla Persona and GitHub. Starting on November 1, 2016, we will remove Persona as an option for logging in. Therefore, you must enable Github authentication on your profile to avoid losing login access to MDN.
MDN tools
MDN 提供了許多功能來簡化追蹤進度、管理內容,並跟上網站最新的修改。
MDN 內容與風格指南
這些指南說明 MDN 文件該如何撰寫及格式化,及我們的範例程式與其他內容該如何呈現。


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