TRex : A Flock Devouring Carnivore

An user-timeline backup utility for Twitter, made entirely in HTML sauce, with teaspoonful CSS and a pinch of JavaScript.

建立方法 JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3,

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First thing first, I like to make my own dog-food (and 99.99% of the time I don't find them worth sharing). But when I was forced to get a tweet backup utility, for I (@Deblopper) was reaching 3200 limit (read, I eventually ended up making this dino (which totally served the purpose).

Now, for any other lizard-wranglers out there, in desperate need to backup tweets, I'm sharing this - with a hope that it saves you time & may be some head-aches. I found, that when I'm not the only user, it will need some screen-res based UX-designs for better interface-accessibility (among many other things).

TRex is hardly a demo, rather an app in a crude state. I'm not sure whether that fact will be judged as the pro or con of it, but what I know is - many users (including the judges) will give it a try, some will even end up using it - or better, bookmarking it - or better, filing issues on GitHub (especially on smartphones, I don't have one to try it on - worked fine on friend's Nexus S). I can live with that as a prize.


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