Multitouch TRON inspired local multiplayer action

建立方法 JavaScript, HTML5, Canvas, 多点触控

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Race your TouchCycle across The Grid, defeating your friends by trapping them with your blazing trail. TouchCycle brings TRON-inspired multiplayer gaming to your multitouch device with support for up to 4 players.

Note: this game *only* works on devices with multitouch capabilities.

After starting the game pick the color of the Cycle you want to control by holding down your finger near the color of your choice. When the Cycles start running, they will simply follow your fingers across the Grid. Don't worry if you let go of the screen — just touch the screen near your Cycle and you're back in control!

TouchCycles travelling across the Grid will leave a trail behind them. These trails will destroy your Cycle if you crash into one, so make sure that you avoid all the existing trails while trying to make your friends crash. The last player left standing will be declared the winner.

Tip: lift your finger of the screen to be able to navigate around your opponents' fingers and make sharp turns.
Crashing often? Keep in mind that your Cycle *follows* your finger. Try to keep your finger ahead of your Cycle. Good luck!

Note that due to the multiplayer nature of this game, this game is best enjoyed on a tablet or some other device with a larger screen. I have tested the game on iOS6 Safari (iPad3, iPhone5) and on several devices running Android 4 stock browser (Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S3, an Acer tablet).

Special thanks to @pixelambacht for creating a neat logo and background, and helping me out with the basic color scheme. :)


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