Last Blob Standing

A multiplayer party game for multi-touch devices

建立方法 JavaScript, Canvas, 音频, 移动, 多点触控,

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Inspired by classic Nintendo party games, as well as the controls of Zach Gage's innovative iOS game 'Bit Pilot', this game combines the power of multi-touch with the accessibility of HTML5 Canvas to present a simple and fun game for the family. This is a multiplayer-only game, so make sure you have someone to play with!

Swipe to control one of 4 creatures. Control the star zone to score points and push the other creatures away to win the game. Each 30-second round will be filled with excitement and competition, with the fun increasing exponentially with every new player added.

Tested on iPad 2, BlackBerry 10, Galaxy S II (Firefox beta).
Requires multi-touch input so this demo WILL NOT WORK ON DESKTOPS.

Music: Sweet Thing - Dreadquad


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