Changes several properties of the elements as you resize the browser window.

建立方法 HTML5, CSS3,

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This demo aims to show how properties can be manipulated based on the browser window size. This works by defining different stylesheets for each of the dimensions you want to take actions on. For the demo I created 14 stylesheets, a base one for every widow size and 13 others for 100px, 200px, 300px and so on until 1300px width.

As you resize the window you'll see changes in the rotation, opacity, background, width and height of the elements.

It was tested on Firefox and Chrome, if you find any bugs or would like to propose improvements let me know. Pull requests are much appreciated =) Feel free to download, fork, modify and/or distribute it. Contact me if you have any questions about it.

Happy hacking!


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此演示发布于 GPL 授权之下。

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