Click and drag to get some particles action

建立方法 JavaScript, Canvas, WebGL

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Just another simple particle system with mouse attraction. Pressing any key will switch between rendering modes.

This is a standalone version of a multiuser wireless installation called "FLU" where people can play together with particles using their devices (computer, tablet, phone) on a local network, using node.js, websockets, webGL and HTML5 stuff.

Find more about FLU here : http://checkthis.com/7ezv

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  1. xsoh 说:

    Great Work!!!
    I really like it
  2. scott@explainafide.com.au 说:

    this is so pretty :D
  3. AmirMahdi 说:

    Very goooooooooooooooood!!
  4. WhiteFlamingo 说:

  5. psutherland 说:

    Wow, I'm completely blown away. That is just awesome. Beautiful stuff.
  6. zig-zag 说:

    Thats really good, although towards the endge of the screen for me it is slightly disaligned from my mouse.
  7. ArdaTR 说:

    Unbelievable! Wonderful work.
  8. hendriono 说:

    Wow!!! Awesome project... I can't say anything... love it...
  9. KhaaL 说:

    I'd love to be able to interact with this through the webcam (a la kinect), very pretty and great fun!
  10. mahony0 说:

    That's an Awesome project man.. Thanks for making things like this!!
  11. nabra 说:

    wow its great


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