A short movie with lots of explosions and gunshots.

建立方法 CSS3, 音频,

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A short movie-trailer styled animation inspired by the popular PC game. The art style is influenced by the Mad Men title sequence and the colour-scheme reflects BFBC2's somewhat.
This is my first project using CSS; I've essentially produced this to showcase the viability of CSS3 as a suitable Flash-animation replacement.
There are still issues with audio syncing with the animation, because the two elements aren't linked together at the moment, so that's hit-and-miss. You'll have to refresh the page if it doesn't sync.
I enjoyed hand-coding this animation and I hope you enjoyed watching it too!

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  1. michalbe 说:

    My nr1 in this derby! Awesome!
  2. nklsrh 说:

    Wow, thanks!
    BTW, I keep your nyan-cat running on a background tab all the time lolz
  3. michalbe 说:

    hehe, thanks:)


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