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It's auto-brightness on a webpage!

Construit avec JavaScript, HTML5, Canvas, CSS3, Video,

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How to use:

You need to be on a desktop version of Firefox17+, Chrome21+ or Opera12+ to use getUserMedia. You also need a web cam of course.

This time, the demo just serves news from Feedzilla which you can read anywhere, anytime, and any lighting condition!


It's similar to the auto-brightness of a smartphone. It uses the video streamed from the web cam to calculate the brightness of the surrounding area. In this demo, the values are used to toggle styles. The brighter the surroundings, a brighter style is applied. If the surroundings are dark, then a darker style is applied. It also uses CSS transitions to smoothen style changes.


This demo uses the same code I used in my previous demo, minus the canvas libraries. And in place of the motion-detection code is the code that calculated for luminosity.

- jQuery
- RequireJS
- requestAnimationFrame polyfill by Erik Möller
- Twitter Bootstrap

Off-Site Demo:

A mirror demo is currently hosted at

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