A simple HTML5 music player capitalising on the History API

Construit avec HTML5, Glisser-déposer, Audio, Fichiers, Support hors connexion,

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A simple HTML5 music player capitalising on the History API which, for various reasons, only works in gecko based browsers (i.e. Firefox, Firefox Mobile). (Ok, if you really want to know why – it’s because Chrome (or rather, WebKit) has an insane implementation (IMO) of window.onpopstate which causes my little app to send itself in infinite loops, and because other browsers don’t support things like the File API, etc.) and only plays files playable in your browser via the <audio> element.

Known problems (based on personal testing): opening via DnD on my (Linux) netbook takes ages (and the browser hangs) and opening via file prompt on my (Windows) desktop just plain doesn’t work.

Licencing: licenced under the WTFPL, but as the MDN doesn’t have a WTFPL option also in the Public Domain where legally allowed (though WTFPL is much funnier).

If you have a fix to any of these problems, you find some of your own, or just wanna improve on my code, please fork it on github and then send me a pull request, thanks! :D

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