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    Gráficas en la web

    Modern Web sites and applications often need to present graphics. While simply displaying static images can easily be done using the <img> element, or by setting the background of HTML elements using the background-image property, you often want to construct graphics on-the-fly, or manipulate images after the fact. These articles provide insight into how you can accomplish this.

    Gráficas en 2D

    Dibujando gráficas con canvas
    Una guía inicial para usar el elemento <canvas> para dibujar gráficos en 2D.
    Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) lets you use lines, curves, and other geometric shapes to render graphics. By avoiding the use of bitmaps, you can create images that scale cleanly to any size.

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    Gráficas en 3D

    A guide to getting started with WebGL, the 3D graphics API for the Web. This technology lets you use standard OpenGL ES in Web content.


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