Multi-touch Timer

Timer app controlled by multi-touch gestures with offline support

Construido utilizando JavaScript, Audio, Móviles, Soporte técnico sin conexión, Multitáctil

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This is a simple timer app that uses touch gestures, the audio element, localStorage and appcache.

Define the time by dragging your fingers (1, 2 or 3 for seconds, minutes or hours) anywhere on the screen, double tap to go! To reset, a simple pinch (or "spread") will do the trick.

Thanks to localStorage, you can close and restore the app as you wish: the timer restores its previous state.

Last but not least, offline support is provided.

third party tools used to build the timer: normalize.css, hammer.js, microevent.js, ben alman's throttle-debounce plugin, gesture icons from mobiletuxedo.

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