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Leaflet Workspace

View geojson or shapefile on a map.

Construido utilizando JavaScript, HTML5, Web Workers, Arrastrar y soltar, Archivos,

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Drag and drop, or use the upload button to put a geojson file, topojson or a zipped shapefile onto a map. (geojson and topojson can also be zipped)

The shapefile is parsed to GeoJSON using shapefile-js, which I also wrote, which uses DataView and array buffers to parse this mixed endian file. There are also promises used in here, kids these days like promises right?

If you need a file to show there is a zipped shapefile of the world here

There is a large amount of geojson in these repos

- (also has topojson)

MIT licensed (I guess dual licensed under BSD too as MIT wasn't an option) and includes

- leaflet for mapping (BSD licensed
- communist for workers (MIT licensed
- shapefile-js for shapefile parsing (MIT licensed
- jsSHA for hashes (BSD licensed
- bootstrap for styles (Apache licensed
- color specifications and designs developed by Cynthia Brewer (
- TopoJSON support from Mike Bostock's library (BSD 3 Clause

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