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Know Your Pixels?

A funny game where you have to resize your browser window to a specific size as fast as possible

Construido utilizando JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3,

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Your task, if you choose to accept, is to resize your browser window as fast as possible to the presented width and height.

The background color of the webpage indicates whether you're far off the pixel values or not. Blue means "far off", red means "almost there" and green "you've done it."
The countdown in the middle shows how much time is left to resize your window. Depending on what game level you choose you have to be more or less precise and faster with the resizing.
The faster you resize it to the correct size, the more points you can earn.
Also: there's a small easter egg in the game (a hint: at the startscreen). Can you find what it is? ;)

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  1. depy dijo:

    Good game but the "img" thing is amazing ! I really want to know how you did that ?
    1. pa7 dijo:

      Thanks I appreciate you're liking it :)

      the "img" is just a div with lots of box-shadows.
      I wrote a small webapp in JS for generating box-shadow styles for any image. I will host it on my domain after some small refinements, if you're interested I can let you know about it as soon as it's online
  2. launchinteractive dijo:

    Nice work on the game. Its tough.. oh and the img is crazy.

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