The geoQR demo creates customizable QR codes from your current geolocation

Construido utilizando Geolocalización, HTML5, Canvas, CSS3, Soporte técnico sin conexión

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This demo creates customizable QR codes based on a users geolocation.
It's using JavaScript and Canvas to generate the QR code, which basically means you're not dependent on any serverside API or in other words - the internet, unless you want to create QR codes from positions which don't match your current position. It also works when you're offline (as soon as the demo servers send the correct MIME-type for appcaches ;-) bug filed, thanks for your support! ). The QR code is updating when you're moving. It might be useful for geocaching games or just sharing your or any position. I tested it with IE9, FF6, Chrome13, Safari 5, Opera 11.51 and an iPad 1. If you find any bugs, please let me know!
Btw NASA did the image of the earth, and the qr encoding low-level implementation is by

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