Modelo de layout

O modelo de layout CSS, às vezes abreviado por layout, é um algoritimo que determina a posição e tamanho dos boxes baseado em como estes interagem com os boxes filhos e boxe ancestral. Há vários layouts:

  • Block layout, designed for laying out documents. The block layout contains document-centric features, like the ability to float elements or to lay them out over multiple columns (en-US).
  • Inline layout, designed for laying out text.
  • Table layout (en-US), designed for laying out tables.
  • Positioned layout, designed for positioning elements without much interaction with other elements.
  • Flexible box layout, designed for laying out complex pages that can be resized smoothly.
  • Grid layout, designed for laying out elements relative to a fixed grid.

Nota: Not all CSS properties apply to all layout modes. Most of them apply to one or two of them and have no effect if they are set on an element participating in another layout mode.