Simple audio game which uses the songs you drop in

Criado com HTML5, Canvas, Áudio, Arrastar e Soltar, Arquivos,

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wwworm is a simple audio-based game in which you control a worm and you have to get him as long as you can (by eating the food that pops up). The worm also has enemies - blocks. They are generated based on the beats of the song you drop in. If you bump into a block or it gets generated over the head of the worm, he dies. If it appears somewhere on your tail, it cuts it off. Luckily, there are special goggles which you can collect that let you see the blocks before they appear. But watch out, they quickly run out!

mouse movement - control the worm
spacebar - activate the goggles
mouse wheel - adjust volume

This demo works only on Mozilla Firefox.

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