Smooth queries

Perform the moonwalk by using media queries

Criado com JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Áudio,

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You'll see a brief dance performed by Michael Jackson while entering the page, and then you'll be abe to perform the moonwalk by enlarging or shrinking the window.
This funky animation takes place while the window is being enlarged or shrunk (tested on Mac and Windows).

This demo also uses HTML5 audio (using a hack so that the audio "loops").

You can also try to print the page.

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  1. tuxie disse,

    Great demo! I find very creative what you came up with.
  2. nestoralvaro disse,

    Thanks a lot.

    Your demo is really good too!! I really enjoyed the rotations you've created: going on one direction when enlarging the window, and on the other direction when shrinking it. By combining the two images with rotations you've created a very nice effect.

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