Instantly view scientific and medical imaging data in 3D.

Criado com JavaScript, Arrastar e Soltar, Canvas, Arquivos, WebGL,

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Slice:Drop is a viewer for medical imaging data. It supports a variety of scientific file formats out-of-the-box including single-file DICOM, meshes, scalar overlays and fiber tracks.

We think that the best way to render your files is without any necessary conversions. Just drop'em on a website or a server and they are ready to render.

Getting started: Drag'n'drop some medical imaging files on this website or try one of the four examples in the right corner. Then, play with the panels on the left and click, drag and rotate the 3d content.

Slice:Drop uses WebGL and HTML5 Canvas to render the data in 2D and 3D. We use our own open-source toolkit to perform the rendering, called XTK (

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