Mandelbrot/Julia Visualizer

View, interact with, and download images of Mandelbrot and Julia fractals

Criado com JavaScript, HTML5, Canvas, CSS3, Web Workers

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This demo uses the power of WebWorkers to draw beautiful full-screen Julia and Mandelbrot fractals. These fractals can be zoomed into by the user, and their colors can be fully customized. The generated images can be downloaded and used, for example, as wallpapers. Julia fractals use a complex coefficient selected by the user, allowing for great customization. This demo also uses dat.GUI and Zepto.js, as well as Google WebFonts

**I noticed that another one of the demos is also about fractals, and uses them in a rather similar fashion. I swear I had no idea when I started! May the best fractal win!

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  1. calvin disse,

    Two others with fractals, I submitted one as well, it's not surprising considering how computationally intensive they are. Now may the best fractal win! **salutes**

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