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在桌面及行動裝置上進行 HTML、CSS 及 JavaScript 的檢查、編輯及除錯
安裝 Firefox Developer Edition

Firefox Developer Edition 有哪些新功能?

Firefox Developer Edition 是針對開發者的特別 Firefox 版本,包含 Firefox 最新的功能、以及實驗性的開發者工具。目前的 Developer Edition 包含以下開發者工具的新功能:





網站與 Web App 的開發工具

A text editor built into Firefox that lets you write and execute JavaScript.
Style Editor
View and edit CSS styles for the current page.
Shader Editor
View and edit the vertex and fragment shaders used by WebGL.
Web Audio Editor
Examine the graph of audio nodes in an audio context, and modify their parameters.


為網站與 Web App 測試、探索、與除錯

Web Console
See messages logged a web page, and interact with the page using JavaScript.
Page Inspector
View and modify the page HTML and CSS.
JavaScript Debugger
Stop, step through, examine and modify the JavaScript running in a page.
Network Monitor
See the network requests made when a page is loaded.
Storage Inspector
Inspect cookies, local storage, indexedDB and session storage present in a page.
Developer Toolbar
A command-line interface for the developer tools.
3D View
3D visualization of the page.
Select a color from the page.
Working with iframes
How to target a particular iframe.



App Manager
Design and develop apps for Firefox OS.
The replacement for the App Manager, available from Firefox 33 onwards.
Firefox OS Simulator
Run and debug your Firefox OS app on the desktop, without needing a real Firefox OS device.
Responsive Design View
See how your website or app will look on different screen sizes without changing the size of your browser window.
Debugging on Firefox for Android
Connect the developer tools to Firefox for Android.
Debugging Firefox for Android with WebIDE
For Desktop Firefox 36+ / Android Firefox 35+, there's a simpler process.
Connect the developer tools to Chrome on Android and Safari on iOS



Performance tool
Analyze your site's general responsiveness, JavaScript and layout performance.
Frame rate graph
See the frame rate for your site.
Figure out what the browser is doing as it runs your site.
Call Tree
Figure out where your JavaScript code is spending its time.
Flame Chart
See which functions are on the stack over the course of a performance profile.
Paint Flashing Tool
Highlights the parts of the page that are repainted in response to events.
Reflow Event Logging
See reflow events in the web console.
Network Performance
See how long the parts of your site take to load.


開發者工具預設是用在網頁與 Web App 上的,但你也可以將其連結上瀏覽器,當開發瀏覽器與套件時非常實用

Browser Console
See messages logged by the browser itself and add-ons, and run JavaScript code in the browser's scope.
Browser Toolbox
Attach the Developer Tools to the browser itself.


開發工具被設計成可供擴展。Firefox 附加元件可以取用開發工具與其元件,擴展現有工具或加入新工具。使用遠端除錯協定你可以建立自己的除錯用戶端與伺服器,讓你可以使用自己的工具為網站除錯,或針對不同的目標平台應用 Firefox 工具

Add a new panel to the devtools
Write an add-on that adds a new panel to the Toolbox.
Remote Debugging Protocol
The protocol used to connect the Firefox Developer Tools to a debugging target like an instance of Firefox or a Firefox OS device.
Source Editor
A code editor built into Firefox that can be embedded in your add-on.
The Debugger Interface
An API that lets JavaScript code observe the execution of other JavaScript code. The Firefox Developer Tools use this API to implement the JavaScript debugger.
Web Console custom output
How to extend and customize the output of the Web Console and the Browser Console.
Example devtools add-ons
Use these examples to understand how to implement a devtools add-on.


這個段落列出非由 Mozilla 開發工具小組維護,但廣為網頁開發者使用的資源。我們在這邊也列出了數個 Firefox 附加元件,但你可在 Firefox 附加元件網站的 Web Development 分類中看到完整列表。

A very popular and powerful web development tool, including a JavaScript debugger, HTML and CSS viewer and editor, and network monitor.
DOM Inspector
Inspect, browse, and edit the DOM of web pages or XUL windows.
Web Developer
Adds a menu and a toolbar to the browser with various web developer tools.
Webmaker Tools
A set of tools developed by Mozilla, aimed at people getting started with Web development.
W3C Validators
The W3C website hosts a number of tools to check the validity of your website, including its HTML and CSS.
JavaScript code analysis tool.

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