fskreuz (Joseph Ammil Descalzota)

I started in 2005 as a widget developer and forum moderator for what used to be an online community that creates customized layouts for various social networks. We used XSS as leverage to develop widgets like “Who Viewed Me”, “Chat Boxes” and more.

This time I hang out at several StackExchange sites, answering questions most especially in StackOverflow and CodeReview.

I have a blog which talks about random stuff like programming experiences and rants. I submit demos to Mozilla Demo Studio in my free time. I also have a GitHub repo containing all of my open-source projects and a Speaker Deck page containing my presentations. And oh, I also have a Twitter for my rants

Disclaimer: I'm no expert. I just write code... everyday.

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Phone and device specs

Connected some phones to their pages for easy reference

Cherry Mobile Ace

Removing the top description text. It was redundant since the same link is at the bottom. Also, the destination page doesn't have all the specs.

Cherry Mobile Ace

Adding Gecko version. Handy for searching through compatibility tables.

Cherry Mobile Ace

"ROM" would be wrong for internal storage, since you can actually write to it.

Cherry Mobile Ace

Rewriting the page in markdown and generated plain HTML because the WYSIWYG editor is messing up formatting.