Sheppy (Eric Shepherd)

  • Developer Documentation Lead
  • Mozilla
  • Maryville, Tennessee
  • IRC: sheppy

As MDN's developer documentation team lead, I help coordinate and plan documentation work, as well as producing docs and sample code for open Web developers, as well as open Web app developers, Firefox addon developers, and Firefox developers.

You can see what I've been up to here: If you happen to use Google+, I'm here:

I am also the non-destroyer of worlds!


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Finish updates for bug 1174307; lots of new types

Firefox 41 for developers

The rest of the updates for bug 1174307

Firefox 41 for developers

Add TYPE_WEB_MANIFEST for nsIContentPolicy per bug 1089255

Firefox 36 for developers

TYPE_IMAGESET added for nsIContentPolicy

Firefox 36 for developers

Added nsIContentPolicy::TYPE_FETCH