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    The stitchTiles attribute defines how the Perlin tiles behave at the border.

    If stitchTiles="noStitch", no attempt is made to achieve smooth transitions at the border of tiles which contain a turbulence function. Sometimes the result will show clear discontinuities at the tile borders.

    If stitchTiles="stitch", then the browser will automatically adjust baseFrequency-x and baseFrequency-y values such that the <feturbulence> node's width and height (i.e., the width and height of the current subregion) contain an integral number of the Perlin tile width and height for the first octave.

    Usage context

    Categories None
    Value noStitch | stitch
    Animatable Yes
    Normative document SVG 1.1 (2nd Edition)



    The following elements can use the stitchTiles attribute

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