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The result attribute defines the assigned name for this filter primitive. If supplied, then graphics that result from processing this filter primitive can be referenced by an in attribute on a subsequent filter primitive within the same <filter> element. If no value is provided, the output will only be available for re-use as the implicit input into the next filter primitive if that filter primitive provides no value for its in attribute.

Usage context

Categories None
Value <filter-primitive-reference>
Animatable Yes
Normative document SVG 1.1 (2nd Edition)

Note that a <filter-primitive-reference> is not an XML ID; instead, a <filter-primitive-reference> is only meaningful within a given <filter> element and thus have only local scope. It is legal for the same <filter-primitive-reference> to appear multiple times within the same <filter> element. When referenced, the <filter-primitive-reference> will use the closest preceding filter primitive with the given result.


The following elements can use the result attribute


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