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    The maskUnits attribute defines the coordinate system for attributes x, y, width and height.

    If the maskUnits attribute isn't specified, then the effect is as if a value of objectBoundingBox were specified.

    Usage context

    Categories None
    Value userSpaceOnUse | objectBoundingBox
    Animatable Yes
    Normative document SVG 1.1 (2nd Edition)
    x, y, width and height represent values in the current user coordinate system in place at the time when the <mask> element is referenced (i.e., the user coordinate system for the element referencing the <mask> element via the mask attribute).
    x, y, width and height represent fractions or percentages of the bounding box of the element to which the mask is applied. A bounding box could be considered the same as if the content of the <mask> were bound to a "0 0 1 1" viewbox.



    The following elements can use the maskUnits attribute:

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