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HTML(HyperText Markup Language,超文本標記語言)是打造網頁的基石。它描述並定義網頁的內容。在 HTML 身邊還有描述外觀(CSS)或行事(JavaScript)的技術。

「超文本」(HyperText)是指從某個網頁連到其他網頁的連結,不管它連結到站內抑或站外。連結連結 Web 的核心概念。藉由撰寫與上載網頁到網際網路中,你就積極參與了全球資訊網(World Wide Web)。

HTML 使用「標記」(markup)來詮釋文字、圖像、或是其他能在瀏覽器裡面顯示的內容。HTML 標記還包括一些特殊「元素」(element),例如:<head><title><body><header><footer><article><section><p><div><span><img>……等等。

HTML 標籤不分英文大小寫。也就是說,它們可以寫成英文全大寫、全小寫、或是混在一起。像是 <title> 能寫成 <Title>,<TiTlE>……等等。

以下這些文章將幫助你理解 HTML。

  • HTML 介紹

    如果是網站開發的新手,請先閱讀我們的 HTML 基礎文章以理解 HTML 是什麼還有它怎麼使用。

  • HTML 教學

    有關如何使用 HTML、教學、完整示例,請參考我們的 HTML 學習專區

  • HTML 參考資料

    在我們廣泛的 HTML 參考資料章節,你可以找到構成 HTML 每個元素和屬性的細節。.


我們的HTML 學習專區提供數個從頭開始的 HTML 教學模塊:你不需要任何先備知識。

本模塊會打下基礎,帶你熟悉重要概念和語法,像是如何把 HTML 套用到文本、如何建立超連結、還有如何使用 HTML 構建網頁。
This module explores how to use HTML to include multimedia in your web pages, including the different ways that images can be included, and how to embed video, audio, and even entire other webpages.
Representing tabular data on a webpage in an understandable, accessible way can be a challenge. This module covers basic table markup, along with more complex features such as implementing captions and summaries.
Forms are a very important part of the Web — these provide much of the functionality you need for interacting with websites, e.g. registering and logging in, sending feedback, buying products, and more. This module gets you started with creating the client-side/front-end parts of forms.
用 HTML 解決常見問題
Provides links to sections of content explaining how to use HTML to solve very common problems when creating a web page: dealing with titles, adding images or videos, emphasizing content, creating a basic form, etc.


The crossorigin attribute, in combination with an appropriate CORS header, allows images defined by the <img> element to be loaded from foreign origins and used in a <canvas> element as if they were being loaded from the current origin.
設定 CORS 屬性
Some HTML elements that provide support for CORS, such as <img> or <video>, have a crossorigin attribute (crossOrigin property), which lets you configure the CORS requests for the element's fetched data.
Focus management in HTML
The activeElement DOM attribute and the hasFocus() DOM method help you track and control a user's interactions with elements on a web page.
使用 application cache
Application caching lets web-based applications run offline. You can use the Application Cache (AppCache) interface to specify resources that the browser should cache and make available to offline users. Applications that are cached load and work correctly even if users click the refresh button when they are offline.
Preloading content with rel="preload"
The preload value of the <link> element's rel attribute allows you to write declarative fetch requests in your HTML <head>, specifying resources that your pages will need very soon after loading, which you therefore want to start preloading early in the lifecycle of a page load, before the browser's main rendering machinery kicks in. This ensures that they are made available earlier and are less likely to block the page's first render, leading to performance improvements. This article provides a basic guide to how preload works.


HTML 參考資料
HTML 包含元素,每個元素都可以被幾個屬性修飾。HTML 文件透過連結把彼此連結在一起。
HTML 元素參考
瀏覽 HTML 所有元素的清單。
HTML 屬性參考
HTML 元素都有屬性。這些額外屬性能透過數種方法設定元素、調整行為。
HTML 元素能指定全域屬性,就算它不是標準元素。也就是說,即使是與 HTML5 標準不相容的非標準元素,依舊允許全域屬性。
HTML elements are usually "inline" or "block-level" elements. An inline element occupies only the space bounded by the tags that define it. A block-level element occupies the entire space of its parent element (container), thereby creating a "block."
Link types
In HTML, various link types can be used to establish and define the relationship between two documents. Link elements that types can be set on include <a>, <area>, and <link>.
Media formats supported by the HTML audio and video elements
The <audio> and <video> elements allow you to play audio and video media. These elements provide a browser-native alternative to similar capabilities found in Adobe Flash and other plug-ins.
Kinds of HTML content
HTML is comprised of several kinds of content, each of which is allowed to be used in certain contexts and is disallowed in others. Similarly, each has a set of other content categories they can contain and elements which can or can't be used in them. This is a guide to these categories.


使用 CSS 把色彩套用到 HTML 元素
本文章概括了把 CSS 加到 HTML 內容的方法,列出 HTML 文件的哪些部份可以套用色彩、而 CSS 有哪些屬性搬到這種事。裡面有示範、色彩選擇器的連結......等等。
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