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如何建立 Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, 或其他 Mozilla 應用程式.
Mozilla 開發過程概要.
作業於 Firefox 先行釋出的版本時,通常有數個Firefox文件是有幫助的,例如每個通道配置一個文件,或者針對不同的測試有不同的文件。
Automated Testing
How to run Mozilla's automated tests, and how to write new tests.
How to submit a patch
After getting your patch written, you need to get it checked into the tree. This article explains the review process and how to get your patch approved.
Getting documentation updated
How to ensure that documentation is kept up to date as you develop.
Mozilla modules and module ownership
This article provides information about Mozilla's modules, what the role of a module owner is, and how module owners are selected.
Code snippets
Useful code samples for a wide variety of things you might need to figure out how to do.
Mozilla development strategies
Tips for how to make the most of your time working on the Mozilla project.
Find helpful tips and guides for debugging Mozilla code.
Performance guides and utilities to help you make your code perform well (and to play nicely with others).
The Mozilla platform
Information about the workings of the Mozilla platform.
Adding APIs to the navigator object
How to augment the window.navigator object with additional APIs.
Interface Compatibility
Guidelines for modifying scriptable and binary APIs in Mozilla.
Customizing Firefox
Information about creating customized versions of Firefox.
Virtual ARM Linux environment
How to set up an ARM emulator running Linux for testing ARM-specific, but not necessarily platform-specific, code. Useful for mobile developers.


The Bugzilla database used to track issues for Mozilla projects.
Browse and search the Mozilla source code repository on the Web.
The Bonsai tool lets you find out who changed what file in the repository, and when they did it.
The distributed version-control system used to manage Mozilla's source code.
Tinderbox shows the status of the tree (whether or not it currently builds successfully).  Check this before checking in and out, to be sure you're working with a working tree.
Crash tracking
Information about the Socorro and Talkback crash reporting systems.
Performance tracking
See performance information for Mozilla projects.
A tool to help perform static analysis of the Mozilla code by generating callgraphs automatically.
Developer forums
A topic-specific list of discussion forums where you can talk about Mozilla development issues.
Mozilla Platform Development Cheat Sheet
Brian Bondy's list of frequently referenced information for platform developers.



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