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測試 Boot to Gecko

因為 Boot to Gecko 還在開發中,不久的將來即將有對新硬體的支援,因此如何做測試就是很重要的事情。這個頁面提供了從多種方面測試 Boot to Gecko 的文章及資訊。

Unit testing

Miscellaneous testing topics

Debugging OpenGL
How to debug OpenGL code on Boot to Gecko.
Feature support chart
A chart of what features are supported by the different builds of Boot to Gecko.

Marionette for Boot to Gecko

Gaia Unit Tests

Marionette Tutorials

Writing Tests For Marionette

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Getting help from the community

If you're working with Boot to Gecko, or developing applications you'd like to run on Boot to Gecko based devices, there are community resources to help you!

  • Ask your question on the Mozilla IRC channel: #b2g

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