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Uses the getUserMedia API to watch for hand swipes in front of the webcam to turn the pages of a book.

建立方法 JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, 影片,

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This demo allows a user to make gestures in the air with their hand to fire events on the page. A browser with access to the webcam via the getUserMedia API is required. The example I created for the demo allows someone viewing a book to turn the pages of the book by swiping left or right in the air. Another use could be to flip through photos in a carousel.

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  1. PJaszkiewicz 說,

    I like the idea, but it looks like it changes the pages randomly left or right, no matter in which way I wave my hand.
  2. shafiul 說,

    Liked the idea (+1)
  3. RIAEvangelist 說,

    +1 for the idea.


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