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A php html 5 test to create a to do mobile web app

建立方法 裝置, 表單, HTML5, 多點觸控, Mobile

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Here is the source code if you want to create an html 5 mobile app to enter daily to do data with date and you can remove each data from it just by pressing delete button along with each entry..

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  1. stevematdavies 說,

    Nice, but why limit it to server side storage in mySQL? why not use WebSQL provided with HTML5? Its based on SQLite, but is browser based
  2. iamjbn 說,

    thanks.. Yeah, it also can be used..
  3. bluePlayer 說,

    I tried your code in the demo, where it should not work, because there is not MySQL db. When I pressed the submit button your inner PHP code appeared in the page :)

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