Sticky Notes

Sticky notes in a board based on localStorage

建立方法 JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Fonts & Type, Offline Support,

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Sticky Notes is an app written in HTML, using JavaScript, localStorage and CSS3. I used sprite for the images, and it looks like a work board where you can attach notes and move it in the board, also edit the text, and erase the note. It works with localStorage to save the data in a local way, but if you want to work in another machine you can export your data, it's going to be saved in MongoLab and the app brings you a code, after you can import the data in your machine bringing your code, and the data is going to be loaded, and you can continue working in a local way using localStorage.

* This demo uses a modified version of Bootstrap to load quickly, thanks to Twitter Bootstrap.
* Also it uses a font with a Open License, thanks to Angel Koziupa and Alejandro Paul.

In the app you see notes to the left, when you click some notes it's going to appear a new note in the board when you move the mouse to the note, you can see options: a mouse to move the note in the screen, a pencil to edit the note, and a cancel to delete the note, when you edit the note it's going to pass to editable mode, when you finish to edit the text of the note you can click on the check button and it's going to be saved.

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  1. shafiul 說,

    Great! Also, instead of dragging by the tiny button, I should be able to move notes by dragging any part of it! Also making it mobile friendly would be great I think. Finally, note labels would be editable :)
  2. cristhianclx 說,

    Well, the labels note are in readonly mode, but when you click the pencil in the note, it pass to editable mode, when you finish to edit the note and you click the check button, the text of the note it's saved.
  3. tuan_bk 說,

    I wonder that can it be an firefox addons. I love this.
  4. mahbubul 說,

    i love it
  5. R2D2B2G 說,

    Man! I just gotta say, I'm in luv with your app! If you could make this a Firefox/SeaMonkey Add-on and allow it to sync nOte data to one's email account - would be so cool! = )

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