Animations, transformations, content and fun through mediaqueries

建立方法 HTML5, CSS3, Fonts & Type, Mobile

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The demo shows how to create a funny animated scene of pacman and how to show content in different ways using mediaqueries and CSS only (so javascript was not intentionally used).

On browser resize, pacman begins to eat balls and to increase his score moving to the left, while a ghost (inky) is trying to chase him. At some breakpoints, an object may pulse: a click on these pulsing objects reveals some insights on a layer about the game. The same content is thus placed on the bottom of the page when the browser width reaches the last breakpoint.

Some content explaining the purpose of the demo is also available when CSS support is not enabled.

Technologies used
- CSS3
- Font embedding

It looks good on Firefox and Opera. On webkit (it doesn't support animations on pseudoelements) and IE9 some effects fail.

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  1. depy 說,

    Nice one, I liked it :D Made me remember the childhood days..
  2. monigarr 說,

    This is so cute! Thanks for sharing :)
  3. fcalderan 說,

    @depy, @monigarr - Thank you :)

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