Multitouch Boids

A cluster of colourful boids that follow your fingers

建立方法 JavaScript, Canvas, Mobile, 多點觸控

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This demo uses multitouch events, canvas and JavaScript to create a cluster of boids that roam the screen until one or more fingers touch it. The boids will change colour and follow a specific finger.

This demo is intended to run in a mobile device, like a mobile phone or a tablet. Should work on Firefox, Chrome and Safari. If there are no touch events, just use your mouse and click to disturb the boids.

There's an option to use the Fullscreen API. It's a bit screwy on some mobile browsers.

You can add a number in the URL hash to change the number of boids (e.g. #100 or #250).

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  1. julirh 說,

    wow- pretty cool!
  2. Freelancer.MK 說,

  3. yaaboukir 說,


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