Honey Pursuit: Yet Another Love Saga

HTML5 + CSS3 based game

建立方法 HTML5, CSS3,

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Honey Pursuit is a simple game developed by using HTML markup and CSS styling code only.

There are three bee characters in the game: the hero, called Johnny Bee Good, is in pursuit of his beloved one - Princess Honey Bee, who's been abducted by the evil killer bee named Beevil. During the pursuit our hero will have to try to collect as much as honey pots as possible with mouse over them. Although there is a honey counter, the whole honey thing is just for fun really :)

Johnny can be controlled with the mouse, and there aren't any other special things that have to be done, except for waiting for Beevil's power to decrease to zero, which happens in a few seconds. Then Johnny and the Princess reunite in a loving harmony... which is followed by an outro.

There seems to be an awkward behavior in Opera, which appeared after I've added the ending slides, but seems to work just fine in Firefox and webkit browsers.

Note: Some may find the intro too long, and perhaps I should've done it shorter, but it would have lacked the completeness and the introductory information, as well as some fun stuff.

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  1. halls-of-valhalla 說,

    Awesome usage of CSS3 and HTLM5
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