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誠摯的感謝您連絡 Mozilla 附加元件團隊,淺請先閱讀本頁說明以確保您的訊息被正確的遞送。


若你需要特定附加元件的支援訊息,比如說 "我該如何使用這個附加元件?" 或 "它怎麼不能...?",請透過列於附加元建列表中的聯絡方式,聯絡該附加元件的開發者。


若你有任何關於某個附加元件的編輯者審閱(Editor's review)的疑問,或想回報政策違反,請 E-mail 至 amo-editors@mozilla.orgAlmost all add-on reports fall under this category. Please be sure to include a link to the add-on in question and a detailed description of your question or comment.

Add-on Security Vulnerabilities

If you have discovered a security vulnerability in an add-on, even if it is not hosted here, Mozilla is very interested in your discovery and will work with the add-on developer to correct the issue as soon as possible. Add-on security issues can be reported confidentially in Bugzilla or by emailing amo-admins@mozilla.org.

Website Functionality & Development

If you've found a problem with the site, we'd love to fix it. Please file a bug report in Bugzilla, including the location of the problem and how you encountered it.

How to get in touch with us regarding these policies or your add-on.


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